The Making of the Site

A couple of months ago, I decided that Science Expo  needed a new website. My Director of Marketing side itched to beautify the old site whenever I ventured to that part of the Internet, and I vowed to make a site upgrade a small summer project. Unfortunately, I was faced with one major hurdle – my knowledge of programming was limited to a Grade 11 Turing class, a language that is considered by most people to be obsolete in this day and age. (more…)

My Science Expo Journey

There was not the slightest thought in my mind two years ago sitting in the first ever Science Expo Conference that two years later, I would be helping to plan their 2012 conference.

It was through the first Science Expo Conference in 2010 that I found out about Shad Valley, a summer enrichment program. Later that year, I applied and became a Shad Valley 2011 participant at the University of New Brunswick. It was an amazing and life changing experience. (more…)