Team St. Catharines: My Ambassador Experience

We are excited to feature our 2012-2013 Science Expo Ambassadors as guest bloggers over the next few weeks leading up to the 2013 Science Expo Conference. During November and December, they held regional Fall Info Nights from the Greater Toronto Area all the way to Windsor, Ontario to inspire interest in STEM, highlight upcoming STEM opportunities, showcase local involvement in extracurricular STEM and promote the 2013 Science Expo Conference. Ambassadors will be sharing their stories on their ambassador experience, their Fall Info Night, STEM topics and life-changing STEM opportunities that they have participated in. 

Team St. Catharines
Jina Nanayakkara and Varsha Jayasankar

My experience as a Science Expo ambassador has taught me many things about networking, science and being a leader. I’ve enjoyed working with Science Expo executives and fellow ambassadors, who are welcoming and extremely talented students. Through planning my Fall Info Night and other experiences as an ambassador I’ve also learned a lot about myself. (more…)