Amanda Quan – a Science Expo Success Story

It’s always amazing to see Science Expo alumni going on to do cool things. Here’s Amanda’s story:

DRSA - Amanda Quan

My experience as a DRSA student took place the summer after I finished Grade 11 IB at St.Francis Xavier SS in Mississauga, Ontario. Although I had participated in French summer programs in previous years, this year would be my first time attending a summer science immersion program. Through the Deep River Science Academy (DRSA) I was able to conduct research in the Hydrogen Isotopes Technology lab at the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) as a co-op research student. I found co op to be truly rewarding as it was experimental learning, rather than sitting in a classroom and learning from a textbook. I had the opportunity to work alongside scientists, engineers and other co op students on a real project that contributed to the research of Canada’s foremost nuclear research facility.

I attended DRSA in the hopes to decide which science I wanted to pursue in post secondary education, but during my stay at AECL I realized that there were so many more facets to the world of science than my regular high school teachers were letting on. My mentor and supervisor were very patient and knowledgeable, and without their help it is difficult to imagine how some of our tests and experiments would have turned out! I enjoyed many tours of other labs on site at AECL, and reveled in the opportunity to use high-performance (and unbelievably expensive!) equipment. My DRSA peers and mentors from across Canada were some of the most accepting, accomplished, and driven people that I’ve ever met and they all truly inspire me to do more than I can ever wish to do.

My time spent in the town of Deep River, Ontario is unforgettable. My summer was filled with new experiences, whether it was attending my first campfire and s’mores making session, buying my first bug jacket (the black flies are the ones to watch out for!), or conducting my first Ion Exchange Capacity Test in the lab; the DRSA ensured that every day was enriching, zesty and daring! I believe attending the Deep River Science Academy would be a life changing experience for any student looking to pursue a career in STEM or is simply interested in the amazing world of science.

And because of all this I would like to thank Science Expo for informing me about the Deep River Science Academy at their 2013 Conference; you never know how that singular moment when you open your mind to a new opportunity can truly impact your life.

Amanda Quan