Science Expo is reaching out to BC!

What is Science Expo?
Science Expo promotes students to have more involvement in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activities. Founded in Guelph by 5 CWSF (Canada Wide Science Fair) alumni in 2010, over the past several years, Science Expo has been extremely active in Ontario, hosting annual conferences each and initiating programs such as peer mentorship programs as well as the national ambassador program. In 2013, two SE ambassadors from British Columbia hosted a very successful Science Expo Fall Info Night at the renowned Telus World of Science. From their experiences, they realized the need to bring an organization like Science Expo to the West Coast and at a larger scale than the BC Fall Info Night to get more youth interested in STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in BC. Thus, they founded Science Expo BC, another headquarter of the nationally-recognized non-profit organization. With a lot ahead for this young organization, Science Expo BC is recruiting!
Do you think you’ve got what it takes to start Science Expo in BC? Be sure to apply!

What are the general qualifications?

• Showing of commitment
• Transparent about their progress; communicates often with the team
• Demonstrates leadership skills, especially among peer group
• Interest towards STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and/or business
• Strong interpersonal, organizational and project management skills
• Keeps a database of progress and any kinds of work done
• Ability to motivate, inspire others and lead by example
• Demonstrated initiative; ability to recognize problems quickly and apply effective solutions
• Excellent communication skills: professional email/phone correspondence, public
speaking and presentation proficiency

Am I eligible?

We are accepting applications from grade 9 high school students to third-year university students.

What are the available positions I could apply for?

Here is the description of the available positions for Science Expo BC:

Marketing Director(s)

• Responsible for all social media advertisements (Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, etc) and communication through social media
• Creates and implements marketing plan for Science Expo
• Provides resources to ambassadors

• Experienced with implementation of marketing strategy
• Interest, skill and experience with graphics and design (ie. Photoshop, Illustrator)

Outreach Director(s)
• Communicates with members about updates and information
• Secure sustainable sponsorships for the SE
• Answers any general inquiries
• Builds long term sponsorships with STEM related organizations and institutions

• Exceptional communication skills and patience
• Organizational skills

Conference Director
• Responsible for financial resources and keeps the availability of these resources transparent
• Be the primary person responsible for the overview and logistics of the flagship conference
• Responsible for organizing data of attendees and event schedules
• Collects data/feedback from Science Expo events

• Able to organize data (using Excel, Microsoft Project, etc)
• Extensive communications skills

SEYEG (Science Expo Youth Empowerment Group) Values
· Professionalism
· Represent SEYEG at networking opportunities
· Clear communication in a timely manner (24 hrs)
· Fun working environment
· Close knit community between SEYEG and our stakeholders
· Fulfilling potential of SEYEG and our delegates
· Exploring youth opportunities in STEM
· People interactions and connections

When is the application deadline?

Application Deadline is March 31st, 2014, and make sure to send in your resumes to Submit your application here.

How could I get more information about this organization?

You can go on Science Expo facebook page
you can also get more information through the Science Expo website/blog

Who can I talk to if I get stuck/have any more questions?
For general inquiries, email