Team St. Catharines: My Ambassador Experience

We are excited to feature our 2012-2013 Science Expo Ambassadors as guest bloggers over the next few weeks leading up to the 2013 Science Expo Conference. During November and December, they held regional Fall Info Nights from the Greater Toronto Area all the way to Windsor, Ontario to inspire interest in STEM, highlight upcoming STEM opportunities, showcase local involvement in extracurricular STEM and promote the 2013 Science Expo Conference. Ambassadors will be sharing their stories on their ambassador experience, their Fall Info Night, STEM topics and life-changing STEM opportunities that they have participated in. 

Team St. Catharines
Jina Nanayakkara and Varsha Jayasankar

My experience as a Science Expo ambassador has taught me many things about networking, science and being a leader. I’ve enjoyed working with Science Expo executives and fellow ambassadors, who are welcoming and extremely talented students. Through planning my Fall Info Night and other experiences as an ambassador I’ve also learned a lot about myself. (more…)

Why They Call It a Valley

After I heard about the Shad Valley program and subsequently all the hoopla around it, I always wondered how a simple summer enrichment program could be the best month of a person’s life; how “life-changing” and “indescribable” – the adjectives used by many alumni of said program – could possibly be accurate portrayals of their feelings. While reading the testimonials, there were quite a lot of eye-rolls and eyebrow raises. With only the academic aspect of the program in mind, I had my application done well before the deadline. (more…)

Science Expo Welcomes New 2012-2013 Executive Members

Science Expo Aggressively Revs Up for 2013

TORONTO – SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 – Science Expo Youth Empowerment Group today announced the addition of River Jiang, Tony Ren, Sunny Li, Aayush Goel, Hamza Qamar, Wenche Cui, Sonia Huang, Hilary Pang, Maya Burhanpurkar, Naima Raza, Jessie MacAlpine, Sutina Chou, and Michael Liu to its 2012-2013 executive team.

Following their 2011-2012 year, Science Expo is striving to carry this momentum forward into the upcoming year. The organization has nearly tripled its executive in preparation for the implementation of an aggressive expansion plan for 2013. (more…)

What I’ve taken away from science fairs

My name is Brian Krug. I have been a member of Science Expo since our inaugural event in 2010. I’ve currently finished my first year in biology at McGill University, and I’m working in a biochemistry lab this summer on finding new drugs for certain types of cancer.

My journey into the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics began around age 13 with an introductory book on genetics, which fascinated me with the capabilities of genetic engineering. I got involved in the regional science fair, the Waterloo-Wellington Science and Engineering Fair in grade 7, where I presented my project on the best ways to disinfect bacteria found in dishrags by microwaving. (more…)

Mission: Internship

Never have I interned for such a lively yet hardworking organization in my life.

Well, this was my first ever internship but I’m grateful to say that I’m one of the few who have had the pleasure of interning for Science Expo.

Ever since I saw that Facebook conversation in November 2011, I knew that I had to get involved with this organization. There’s this amazing TED talk, where the speaker said, “if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood and sweat and tears.”

That is pretty much how I felt about Science Expo.


Science Expo Launches New Website

Science Expo Kickstarts their 2012-2013 Year with a Fresh New Look

TORONTO – JULY 27, 2012 – Science Expo Youth Empowerment Group is pleased to unveil their newly refurbished website as the beginning of an organization-wide revamp initiative for the upcoming 2012-2013 year.

Fresh off the success of a province-wide conference at the Ontario Science Centre, the beta-release of their mentorship program and being named a finalist in the Youth Social Innovation Capital Fund Pitch Competition in their 2011-2012 year, the young executives of Science Expo – all of which are students – are already looking towards greater success in the future. (more…)

The Sweep On I-SWEEEP

Who DOESN’T know about science fairs?! There’s the regional science fair, the Canada-Wide Science Fair, and then the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think it’s time to give science fairs a second look. The science fair world is like outer space, every country being a galaxy containing countless unique planets representing individual regional fairs. If you’re craving an international experience like I was this year, there’s still a vast lot to apply for. (more…)

The Making of the Site

A couple of months ago, I decided that Science Expo  needed a new website. My Director of Marketing side itched to beautify the old site whenever I ventured to that part of the Internet, and I vowed to make a site upgrade a small summer project. Unfortunately, I was faced with one major hurdle – my knowledge of programming was limited to a Grade 11 Turing class, a language that is considered by most people to be obsolete in this day and age. (more…)

My Science Expo Journey

There was not the slightest thought in my mind two years ago sitting in the first ever Science Expo Conference that two years later, I would be helping to plan their 2012 conference.

It was through the first Science Expo Conference in 2010 that I found out about Shad Valley, a summer enrichment program. Later that year, I applied and became a Shad Valley 2011 participant at the University of New Brunswick. It was an amazing and life changing experience. (more…)