BC Ambassadors Scavenger Hunt!

The BC Ambassadors gathered together for their on boarding social on August 13th. They knew that they were joining other ambassadors for activities and such, but they were in for a surprise.

The group was split into 4 teams of 4, and they were to complete ridiculous tasks within a set time limit, in order to win the most points. Each task scored differently, but the earlier they are to finish, the more bonus points they’d get. What are some of the ridiculous tasks? Well…

11908263_824980960943401_1549340045_nLaying on a bed…
11873970_838425966277901_1555671633_nCopying a mannequin’s pose…


Taking a “selfie” on an iPhone 6 at an Apple store!

The winning team received cupcakes as a prize, as they scored the most points!

You could tell already that this year’s ambassadors were full of energy and ideas – we’re excited for the upcoming year, BC!

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