Behind the Scenes – Jessie MacAlpine

Over the next few weeks, we are excited to present a series called “Behind the Scenes – The Real Team.” The purpose of this blog series is to let you have a sneak peak into the lives of the Science Expo executive members, and we hope you enjoy their responses as much as we did interviewing them. Next we have our second Director of School Outreach, Jessie MacAlpine. 

The Basics:
Full name: Jessie Leanne Preston MacAlpine
Age: 17
School: Huron Park Secondary School
Field of Interest: Bio-Chemistry

The Usual
Hidden talents: I used to do extremely intense step dancing, until i got tendonitis
Favourite past time: if I actually had free time, I’d watch Dr. Who!
Biggest fear: Catching some deadly disease.
Most treasured possession: my first Canada-Wide Science Fair gold medal
Favourite celebrity: Rick Mercer or Harry Style
Biggest regret in life thus far: Having to quit dance thanks to tendonitis

So I hear you have a life?
What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod: What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction
What sports do you play: cross country running, Nordic skiing, skiing, track, cross country, step dancing,
What are you currently watching/following on tv: Dr. Who, The Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory
Last time you went on a date and where and why: Brisbane, Australia. At a water park. Cuz YOLO and I really liked the person and it sounded like fun!
Favourite movie: Finding Nemo
Favourite movie star: Robert Downey Jr.
Favourite chilling/ activity, with whom: running with your best friend.

What was that?
Where’s waldo: Kentucky. That sounds about right
Secret obsession: Tim Tams
The last time you cried and why (hardest time): on my way home from NYSF. I cried from the airport, and still during throughout the flight.
Worst dating experience? This guy was telling me how he liked this other girl. It was awkward.
First person that comes to mind when i say shenanigans: Marissa and Stephanie

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