Behind the Scenes – Naima Raza

Over the next few weeks, we are excited to present a series called “Behind the Scenes – The Real Team.” The purpose of this blog series is to let you have a sneak peak into the lives of the Science Expo executive members, and we hope you enjoy their responses as much as we did interviewing them. Now we have our final Director of School Outreach, Naima Raza. 

The Basics:
Full name: Naima Raza
Age: 15
School: Northern Collegiate Institute and Vocational
Field of Interest: Something related to biology research, although I’m also interested in International Relations

The Usual
Hidden talents: I have a green belt in karate. I can kick butt.
Favourite past time: I love baking, photography, watching movies and hanging out with friends.
Where were you born: Sarnia, otherwise known as Narnia
Biggest fear: Frogs
Most treasured possession: my plushie lobster from PEI, where I was attending the Canada Wide Science Fair
Are you a sarcastic person: I can be, sometimes. It really depends on my mood.
Favourite celebrity: Shemar Franklin Moore from Criminal Minds and Lauren Conrad – I like their characters!
Biggest regret in life thus far:  I went on way too much as a child
Craziest thing you’ve ever done: I accidentally ate a chicken head.
Most embarrassing moment ever: Once, I was getting picked up, I thought my ride had come and got into the car. It was some rocker chick blasting loud music. She saw me and said “I think you’re in the wrong car, honey.”

So I hear you have a life?
What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod: Feels So Close by Calvin Harris
What sports do you play: Badminton, Basketball
What are you currently watching/following on tv: trying to follow Cake Boss; Say Yes to the Dress, Criminal Minds
Favourite vacation: I want to go to ENGLAND.
Favourite book: A Great and Terrible Beauty
Favourite genre of movies: Romantic Comedy/adventure/fantasy
Favourite movie: Up or Toy Story 3
Favourite chilling/ activity, with whom: biking with friends. We go biking. We make pit stops at everyone’s house. We raid their house and get food.
Where are you most likely to be at 8:00 on a Saturday night: watching a movie with friends

What was that?
Where’s waldo? Behind your ear
Secret obsession: funky pens. I keep SO MANY pens. I HAVE AN EGGPLANT PEN.
If you lied for any of the questions above, which one and why: embarrassing moment. Its the moment That i tell everyone when they ask ‘cuz its such a common question!
One thing you want that can’t be bought: a unicorn.
First person that comes to mind when i say shenanigans: The nanny from The Nanny Diaries…Scarlett Johansson.

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