Jennifer Stinson Ontario Sparks Mentorship Session

On Thursday, August 20 from 3:00-4:00pm five lucky high school students were given the opportunity to get an exclusive tour of SickKids’ new research tower and spend an hour with Dr. Jennifer Stinson, PhD, RN-EC, CPNP, a Nurse Clinician-Scientist and an Advanced Practice Nurse at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids).

Check out what Sunny Jeong, one of the lucky five selected students had to say about the session!

Sick Kids Hospital exteriors on Elizabeth St in Toronto , shot on Feb 17 2013.(Vince Talotta/Toronto Star)

To some, the idea of research can be abstract and confusing. However, to others, researching is driven through passion and done to have a better understanding on an idea or topic. I was one of the fortunate students—interested in the world of STEM—to have met an esteemed researcher who works with her team in her lab to comprehend and improve patient care through e-health and m-health applications. Dr. Jennifer Stinson is a clinical scientist for the SickKids Hospital, whose focus is to improve the management of chronic pain and other symptoms of young children through the use of technology.

When I first heard of the Sparks Session, I instantly became interested because it was a chance to meet a leading professor, scientist, and researcher whom I shared similar interests with. Prior to the Sparks Session, I read Dr. Stinson’s publications, in order to have a better understanding of what she studied. Her works opened my eyes in seeing potential developments that e-health and m-health advancements can implicate in the medical world. In addition, I truly admired how she was able to orient her research ideas with the current generation of young children.

When I arrived at the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning, I was eager to meet Dr. Stinson and her team to ask them questions that I wanted to ask. The Research Centre set a professional ambience that echoed the state of the art research projects that were being pursued. And when the four other attendees and myself were escorted into a conference room, we were happily welcomed by Dr. Stinson, and her team. They prepared a presentation for us and explained to us what they had been working on. To have her research thoroughly explained to was an inspiring experience. I was captivated by their work on the Pain Squad app, iCanCope with Pain website, and even the Medi robot. I am convinced that these are ingenious ideas are going to help improve patients’ quality of life during difficult times.

Although we only met for one hour, Dr. Stinson and her team have inspired me in many levels. They sparked my interest in the field of developing e-health applications that have the potential to improve the quality of patient care. They helped me understand that while it is important to find and develop the “unknown” within the STEM fields, it is also important to understand the more humane perspective of things. Dr. Stinson and her team are continuously trying to improve patients’ self-management skills in the most convenient and motivating methods. And, I am so happy to have received the opportunity to learn about it.

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