Ontario Ambassador Summit

By Chinmayee Gidwani and Malindu Danthanarayana, ON Ambassadors


Monday July 26, 2015 was the day where young and bright minds from all across Ontario pooled into one gnarly room, officially kicking off the Ontario chapter of the Science Expo Ambassadors Program for 2015. With just one short of 40 ambassadors, it was a captivating experience to see what the summit had brought together – unique, like-minded individuals with unbelievable potential. As each and every one of us listened to the charisma in the opening introductions from Stephanie Chan, Kaitlyn Yong, and Susie Pan, gears were turning and sparking as everyone in that room was growing more and more restless to ignite change on a whole new level. As time passed by with a couple of friendly ice breakers using pink and orange sticky notes to learn ourselves a little better, the summit moved on to the more memorable part of the session, the sound design challenge. Divided into teams and using only our wit with some simple household materials, ambassadors were required to design a cardboard box that would prove to be the best at insulating sound produced by a phone. Believe it or not, the results were quite peculiar from what we expected them to be, which we can all agree foreshadows a new, momentous year for the Science Expo Ambassadors Program jam-packed with fun and new impact.

After a few interesting games and challenges, the ambassadors were brought up to date with Science Expo’s mission; to empower youth and build connections. We learned just how incredible and vast this organization is. From British Columbia, to Alberta, to Ontario, there are about 10, 000 members in this organization. What started out as a small presentation in Guelph became a nation-wide organization dedicated to reaching out and showing youth what they are capable of.

We’re quite excited to begin the ambassador program, as it gives us an amazing opportunity to get involved with Science Expo. Aside from gaining leadership experience, we also get to meet and work with people who have a passion for science, and we stand to learn so much. Above all, we look forward to contributing to this incredible organization and making a difference.