Pluto: A Whole New World

Remember when Pluto was declared a dwarf planet, back in 2006? Many mourned over the fact that the outcast planet is no longer a planet (I certainly did). Instead, it was titled a dwarf planet, along with 8 others. Since then, words have spread, textbooks have been corrected, and there are officially only 8 planets in the solar system.


2006 was also the year when the New Horizons mission was launched. A space probe engineered by the University of Johns Hopkins, and the first to explore Pluto. After 10 years, the voyage is complete with pictures of the planet. As of July 15, 2015, high definition images of Pluto had been released by NASA as we start to learn more about the dwarf planet. Through the New Horizons, we discover Pluto and its personality. It has heart-shaped plains and reddish colour, which somehow, brings a romantic side to Pluto. Its abnormally big moon, Charon, is half its size in diameter. Along with an icy atmosphere and incredible mountains, the geology of Pluto is a worthy discussion. We are exploring way beyond our expectations, and Pluto surprised us all.


Looking at the dwarf planet in a different angle – the sun shines behind the planet, revealing a halo-like ring of fuzzy atmosphere. Breathtaking, I know.

I can’t say I wasn’t excited for Pluto’s come back.

Image Source: NASA

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