Science Expo Ambassador Summit

By Ruth Chen (Henry Wise Wood High School), AB Ambassador

Several photos from the summit.
Several photos from the summit.

The Science Expo Summit was a great opportunity for me to meet the other Calgary ambassadors, as well as Janica and Lauren – Marketing Director and Co-Chair!

We began with some icebreakers, which didn’t only turn out to be fun, but also helped us learn about each other’s hobbies and personalities. My personal favorite part of the summit was the workshop on public speaking. Paula Blackmore-White was an amazing speaker herself and offered very insightful tips and reinforced classic techniques. I’ve heard numerous presentations on public speaking prior to this one, but what she had to offer really clicked with me. Some of the tips that stuck with me the most included the power posture, which was one technique I had never heard of, videotaping yourself when rehearsing and using silence to emphasize important points. It was also nice to get to know Sophie and hear her tips on what sorts of activities youth can get involved in during high school, such as SHAD Valley and volunteering at various places. Our short break was also a great opportunity for us to mingle with each other and gave me a chance to get to chat with Sophie about the specific questions I had. The food was definitely a plus.

Last but not least, I was able to really understand my role as an ambassador through the training session and get excited about the neat things we’ll be able to do throughout the year. Overall, I felt that the science expo was really enjoyable and worthwhile to attend!

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